Whether one has experienced the Greek political and financial crisis directly or not, its social repercussions are surely worth reflecting upon. The main objective of the exhibition is to shed a different light on the crisis, dwelling less on the political or financial situation and more on people's daily lives and rhythms in a society in turmoil. Twelve original works, housed in a dedicated space and inspired by the theme above, make up the body of the exhibition and offer the visitor insight and a more personal understanding of the delicate issues involved. The event is complemented by a series of three lectures held by scholars from the Universities of Vienna and Hamburg.

The title "329" refers to the estimated national debt of Greece in the current year (329.28 Billion Euro). The number is featured without comment or explanation in the announcements for the exhibition and in this context, "329" provokes a feeling of helplessness and lack of information. This illustrates, on the one hand, the ambiguous nature of economic data, meaningful to the supposed expert, but to the layman alarming and confusing (i.e.: affectively effective). On the other hand, "329" allows room for free interpretation, as it holds as little meaning as a 3 followed by eleven zeros.


Opening: February 27, 6pm
Exhibition: February 28 — March 8, 2014
Curator: Olympia Tzortzi

Contact: info@kupvienna.com

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Mo - Fr: 10am — 8pm
Sa - Su: 12pm — 8pm


Wuk Projektraum

Währinger Straße 59
1090 Wien


Sotiris Fokeas

Katerina Lambrogianni

Constantine Lianos


Fotini Paparrodopoulou

Nefeli Papakyriakopoulou


Maro Vasiliadou

Yorgos Zois

Stefania Strouza

The Errands Group


Tuesday 4/3, 6:30pm
Maria Oikonomou, University of Vienna
Dead Europe: Vampirgeschichte, Gespensterpolitik

Thursday 6/3, 6:30pm
Ulrich Meurer, University of Vienna
The Greek New Wave: Figures of Practice

Friday 7/3, 6:30pm
Vasilis Tsianos, University of Hamburg
The Art of Being Many: Eine neue experimentelle Kunst der Versammlung