Wolf in town

Observing the course of the online magazine "ΛΥΚΟS" and distinguishing the collective work of young people from heterogeneous spaces of arts, an abounding love was born about the magazine and therefore the proposal for a multifaceted exhibition in order to highlight the artists and authors of the magazine.

The natural need of the artist is the expression and each artist expresses in his own unique way his need for a change and for a brighter future which fits us all. The exhibitions mirrors the effort of autonomous modules in the frame of a general concept which reflects the contributors of " ΛΥΚΟS" magazine. 


Opening: January 5, 8:30pm
Exhibition: January 6 — 12, 2013

Curator: Olympia Tzortzi
Editor: Stavroula Papadaki

Contact: info@kupvienna.com

Mo - Sa: 13pm — 10pm
Sa - Su: 19pm — 10pm


Black Duck Multiplarte
Black Duck Exhibition Space

Christou Lada 9a
105 61 Athens

ARTISTS selection

Anastasia Paulou

Sugahtank (John Roumpanis)

Constantine Lianos

Phaedra Richter

Fotini Paparrodopoulou

Orestis Seferoglou

KURO (Stergios Roumeliotis)

Lefteris Krisalis

Dimitris Kechris 

Elena Mitsakaki

Ilias Liatsopoulos

Special events 

Tuesday 8/1, 8pm
Literature Evening 

Thursday 10/1, 8pm
Cinematography Evening
Speakers: Vasilis Economou, Dimitris Kechris, Constantin Kottas